Himalayan Salt Bricks

Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks that are extracted from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan (located near the Himalayas) are called Himalayan Salt Bricks. The Himalayan rock salt bricks are rich in minerals and are considered to be one of the highest-quality salts because of their pink color. This Pink Salt Bricks color is due to the presence of iron oxide.

These Organic Salt Bricks have been used for different purposes for centuries, but in the past few years, these Wholesale Himalayan Salt Bricks have gained a lot of popularity as a building material for floors, walls, and even furniture! The Himalayan Salt Brick is also known for its hygroscopic properties, which is why it can absorb moisture from the atmosphere which helps in regulating the levels of humidity in a Bricks Room.

Additionally, Himalayan Rock Salt Bricks also have a lot of health benefits. These Pink Salt Bricks emit negative ions to neutralize harmful positive ions that are present in the atmosphere.

These negative ions also improve the quality of air and help in alleviating respiratory issues, as well as boost energy levels and mood. Himalayan Bricks Organic Pink Salt can as well be used in cooking, as it can be heated up to the highest temperatures and used to cook food directly on the surface that gives a subtle saltish flavor to the food. Himalayan rock salt bricks are as well used in different spa and wellness centers, where they help in improving skin and promote relaxation.

Generally, Himalayan salt is a unique and amazing product that has both health and aesthetic benefits, whether used for cooking, wellness, or constructing purposes, they serve naturally and add worth to your house or wellness routine.

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Uses of Wholesale Himalayan Salt Blocks

Himalayan salt bricks are used in home decor, spas, beauty centers, and other healthcare facilities. The brick salt is ideal for kitchen tiles, walls, and counters. Spas are amazingly renovated with Stunning Himalayan Salt Blocks Items for Decorations. The concept of Himalayan Salt Wall Construction and Himalayan Salt Tiles are becoming popular as people as getting aware of the benefits of these salts.

Nowadays many people face respiratory problems due to extraordinary pollution, and lack of stress for oxygenation. Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks have 84+ mineral traces which can also heal respiratory problems. Now a day’s spas and beauty salons are constructed with Himalayan Salt Bricks keeping the condition and health of people in mind.

Here are some common uses of pink salt bricks

1. Cooking

The Himalayan salt brick can be used as a cooking tile. SM salt produces unique Himalayan Salt Slabs, salt blocks for cooking, Himalayan salt plates, Himalayan salt block grills, Himalayan salt cooking slabs, Himalayan salt bbq plank, and trays made out of Himalayan salt. These Himalayan salt slabs, salt blocks for cooking, Himalayan salt plates, Himalayan salt block grills, Himalayan salt cooking slabs, and Himalayan salt bbq plank slabs are mined and carved into different shapes and sizes, which are used in cooking, grilling, baking, seasoning, and freezing purposes. Himalayan salt slabs, trays, and bowls have this amazing tendency to keep the food warm, subtle, and cordial. These slabs (trays) can be used in freezing items.

Brick salt is also used as decorative pieces of salt, which affects a creative outlook. SM SALT creates different shapes and sizes (round, square, geometrical, and many more shapes) of salt bricks out of Himalayan pink salt which is organically mined from the mountains of the Himalayas. These bricks are ideal for cooking, eggs, fish, seafood, roasted vegetables, baking, cookies, pizza, and many more. These Himalayan Salt Wall Construction and Himalayan Salt Tiles tend to serve hot and cold. You can also serve chilled desserts and ice creams.

2. Food preservation

Himalayan pink salt bricks are used in food preservation because they help to keep food fresh and avoid rotten food. This is because Pink Himalayan Salt Detox Benefits have some amazing properties that kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. By placing Himalayan pink salt bricks in a food container, the salt will gradually release its mineral, which will act as a preservative and prevent spoilage. This makes it an amazing substitute for synthetic preservatives, which are often dangerous and have negative effects on human health.

3. Stunning Himalayan Salt Blocks Items for Decorations

Himalayan salt bricks can as well be used as decorative items in houses, hotels, spas, and other commercial spaces. Their unique pink color and unique texture make these bricks a visually attractive addition to any space without any doubt! They can as well be used to create walls, fireplaces, and other features that are aesthetically pleasing and functional as well.

4. Spa

Himalayan salt bricks are used in spas. Building a Himalayan Salt wall provides individuals with a calming and soothing effect, relaxes their mind, and help to remove all the negative energy from the room.

No doubt, Himalayan salt bricks will be an outstanding addition to your space, home, or workstation. These items are 100% naturally carved.

Our Himalayan Brick Salt Products

SM SALT brings you the most beautiful and beneficial construction Himalayan salt bricks for walls which can add ravishing and alluring value to your spa, offices, homes, and other health and beauty facilities.

Our Himalayan rock salt bricks product includes:

1. Himalayan salt bricks and block
2. White salt tile
3. Pink salt tile
4. Grey salt tile
5. One side natural side tile
6. Natural shape salt tile
7. Himalayan salt stone wall

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Why SM SALT’S Himalayan Salt Brick For Construction?

The use of Himalayan salt for the construction of salt walls is one of the deluxe wellness trends, thanks to the plethora of health advantages it has to provide. Because of the pure nature of this salt, without any preservatives or precise distillation procedures, it reaches you in its organic and purest form after being extorted from its natural reserves! This Himalayan salt wall construction is found exclusively in nature as old sea deposits in the mines of salt in Pakistan!

The Himalayan salt brick wall construction rooms are made in spas and health centers to give treatments like Halotherapy! Halotherapy is also known as salt therapy, which is an old concept that has proven to be advantageous for a variety of situations, particularly for respiratory ailments. Himalayan Salt Wall Construction and Himalayan Salt Tiles for walls can give an effect as same as Halotherapy and release negative ions that can have numerous health advantages!

Himalayan Rock Salt Bricks are Available In Bulk!

SM SALT introduces amazing and unique Himalayan rock salt bricks products that you can purchase in bulk in order to decorate your walls, house, work area, spas, or any other commercial usage.

Stunning Himalayan Salt Blocks Items for Decorations give an impressive touch, but they would help you gain a lot of health benefits also. So, would you like to have this amazing salt tile for your house, restaurants, spas, offices, etc, and boost the quality of your life? If yes – then Order a bulk quantity of Himalayan rock salt bricks from SM SALT to gain the amazing Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks’ spiritual benefits.

Please note, designs and sizes can be made on customizations. We take orders only in bulk quantity.

Our Distributors for Brick Salt Products:

Our distributors are located in different countries in the world i.e. Italy, Australia, Kenya, USA, and Ireland. You can rest assured of the quality. At SM salt, we promote a culture of quality and brilliance that fosters the success of our Himalayan salt brick products while maintaining a hygienic environment, which inspires us to do our best possible. We are a fast-paced, reputed, and growing Wholesale Himalayan Salt Blocks company.