Salt Slab for Grilling

Salt slabs are also known as Himalayan salt blocks. They are becoming increasingly popular for grilling because of their unique ability to add flavor to food and give an amazing cooking experience. The best salt slab for grilling is those that are made of premium quality Himalayan salt, which is known for its pink color and mineral-rich content!
When using a salt slab grilling, it is significant to heat and seasons the slab properly before cooking. This could be done by increasing the temperature of the slab slowly over a period of thirty to forty minutes and then rubbing it with oil or with the help of a wet cloth to avoid sticking. Once seasoned, the Himalayan salt grilling slab could be used to cook a variety of foods, like meats, vegetables, and even desserts. 

Grill Salt Slab

How To Use Grill Salt Slab?

The Himalayan salt grilling slab is very easy to use, but these tips might help you.

1. Dry Slab

Always make sure to pat dry the slab completely before using it because wetness can cause the slab to breach while heating. 

2. Heating Slowly

Make sure to heat the Himalayan salt grilling salt slab slowly because heating it too rapidly can cause the slab to break. To avoid this, change the temperature by no more than 200°F (93°C) every 10 minutes.

3. Preheat

Make sure to preheat the slab before placing it in the oven to avoid cracking.

4. Change In Colour:

The Himalayan salt slab for grilling can naturally change its color from time to time while heating. Changes are absolutely fine.

5. Handle Hot Salt Slab

Due to heating, the salt slab can remain hot for particular hours. To avoid any agitation, use high heat-resistant gloves.

6. No To Fat

Immoderate use of fat such as butter, oil, or cheese can shrink the life span of the Himalayan salt slab.

7. Avoid Water

Salt can easily dissolve in water, so it’s best to clean your grill salt slab with a damp sponge and scrub with a scouring pad or brush.

himalayan salt slabs


Always remember to start with a dry slab of salt then place it on a griller or stovetop by raising the temperature slowly to tillc500°F (260°C). 
Place the food directly on the salt slab grilling while using a pair of tongs or any utensils for flipping or turning the food. 
Items that can cook steadily work best for the Himalayan salt slab as compared to food that takes more time to cook and can cause it to get saltier.


Preheat the Himalayan salt slab grilling slowly on the stovetop or griller to avoid cracking. Later add your baking item, be it pizza cookies, etc. on a baking sheet and place it on the slab. Bake as normal. 

Serving Cold Items

Before serving cold items on a Himalayan salt grilling slab freeze the slab for two hours and then place chilly ice cream and dessert. Ready to serve.

Salt Slab for Grilling

Benefits Of Using Himalayan Salt Grilling Slab

Many households carry Himalayan grill salt slabs for cooking because of the finest benefits it gives. By using the Himalayan salt slab some minerals are added besides sodium and chloride such as magnesium (1), sulfur (1), potassium (1), iron, and calcium. These extra minerals give Himalayan pink salt a bit of individual and different flavor as compared to other table salts. 
Himalayan salt slabs are also beneficial because it eliminates all the germs against injurious bacteria causing food poisoning and provides definite protection to prevent food poisoning. Therefore, Himalayan salt slabs are considered to be the most beneficial and favorable items for cooking.
SM Salt also manufactures any shape and size on demand of customers.

Our Salt slab grilling products

Cooking Salt Slab With Iron Holder

This item is a salt slab that is used for grilling or cooking food. It comes with an iron holder to make sure safe and easy handling while grilling. This Himalayan salt grilling slab could be heated on the grill, stovetop, or over to cook food with a unique flavor and texture. It is a versatile cooking surface that could be used for fish, veggies, meat, and even desserts.

Cooking Tile With Iron Holder

Salt Salad Bowl

The salt salad bowl is a distinctive way to serve and enjoy salads. The bowl is made from a solid block of Himalayan salt that adds a subtle and amazing flavor to your salad. The salt bowl could as well be chilled in the fridge before serving to keep your salad fresh and cool.

Salad Salt Bowl

Round Salt Slab

This item is a round tile salt slab for grilling, cooking, or serving food. It is made of pure Himalayan salt and could be heated on the grill, stovetop, or oven. It gives a unique flavor to your foot and is a healthy substitute for traditional cooking surfaces.

Round Cooking Tile

Salt Cooking Tile

This cooking tile is a functional and versatile cooking surface made of pure Himalayan salt. It could be heated on the stovetop, grill, or oven to cook food with a unique flavor and texture. It is amazing for cooking fish, meat, or desserts.

Salt Cooking Tile

Salad Salt Plate

It is a beautiful and unique way to serve salads. The plate is made of a firm block of Himalayan salt that adds a subtle and delicious flavor to your salad. 

Salad Salt Plate

These are the amazing five products that SM Salt offers with premium quality cooking surfaces that could add a unique flavor to your foot. Our salt slab grilling items are versatile and functional!
So, if you love cooking, enjoy making yummy desserts, or own a restaurant or a dessert bar, this product is for you!

Himalayan Salt Grilling Slab Bulk Available

If you are a keen griller or love to experiment with different cooking methods, the Himalayan salt grilling slab from SM Salt is a must-have product in your kitchen. These slabs are not just functional but as well add an elegant touch to your cooking setup. 
Buying in bulk from us means you would have a steady supply of premium quality grilling slabs at your disposal for all your culinary endeavors. It as well means you will save a lot of money on every slab as compared to purchasing them individually.

Himalayan Salt Grilling Slab

Our Himalayan Salt products distributors

SM Salt distributes Himalayan salt products to retailers and businesses worldwide. We provide a vast variety of products including salt slabs for grilling, shot glasses, lamps, animal licking, and a lot more. Our highest-quality Himalayan salt products are amazing for anybody that is looking to add a touch of natural beauty and health benefits to their home or business. 

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