Salad Salt Plate

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Salad Salt Plate

Size: 6 x 1.5 ”


SM salts manufactures the best quality kitchen ware out of Himalayan salt. Since ages these salts have shown wonders for humans and animals health. Himalayan salt is used in culinary items and for cooking purposes.

SM salts produces unique slabs and trays made out of Himalayan salt. Salad Salt Plate are mined and carved into different shapes and sizes which is used in cooking, grilling, baking, seasoning and freezing purposes. Himalayan salt slabs, trays and bowls have this amazing tendency to keep the food warm, subtle and cordial. These slabs(trays) can be used in freezing items.

Himalayan pink salt slabs are also used as a decorative piece of salt which impacts a creative outlook.



SM salt creates different shapes and sizes (round, square, geometrical and many more shapes) of salt tiles out of Himalayan pink salt which are organically mined from the mountains of Himalayas.  These tiles are ideal for cooking, eggs, fish, seafood, roasted vegetables, baking, cookies, pizza and many more. These tiles have the tendency to serve hot and cold. You can also serve chilled desserts and ice creams.

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