Tequila Salt Glasses

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Weight 0.200 kg

Himalayan Salt Tequila Short Glasses

Size: 2 x 2 x 3″
Weight: 200g

These Himalayan salt shot glasses are very reasonably priced and dependable. Now is the right time to say goodbye to those usual shot glasses made up of normal glass and welcome the Himalayan salt tequila shot glasses. These unique shot glasses are built in a way that they balance the flavor of tequila salt glasses review inside, hence enhancing its flavor.

Saltiest Shot Glasses

SM SALT’s tequila Himalayan shot glasses are hand-carved organically from Himalayan pink salt and look superb and unique from the other usual saltiest shot glasses. The Himalayan salt tequila glasses are known to add a little brittle of their saline taste into the Himalayan salt tequila glasses with tray that is served in them! This is also the major cause that these shot glasses are recommended by a lot of individuals. If you are a huge fan of having wild shots, then you must try these Himalayan salt shot glasses and you will be amazed to see how the flavor of the liquid inside enhances!

Benefits of Himalayan Shot Glasses

 Drinking from the signature Himalayan pink salt tequila shot glasses and sipping the lime enriches the experience from tequila salt glasses review thrilling joy to several minerals. Himalayan pink salt also contains detoxifying properties that bring dynamic strength to lift further experience. Himalayan pink salt tequila shot glasses have replaced the saltiest shot glasses usual shot glasses and now the shots are being served in the salty Himalayan pink tequila shot glasses!

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