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Weight 1-1.5 kg

Salt Wine Glass

Weight 1 – 1.5 kg

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses | KITCHEN WARE:

SM salts manufactures the best quality kitchen ware out of Himalayan salt. Since ages these salts have shown wonders for humans and animals health. Himalayan salt is used in culinary items and for cooking purposes.

Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Wine Glass

SM salts produces unique slabs and trays made out of Himalayan salt. These slabs are mined and carved into different shapes and sizes which is used in cooking, grilling, baking, seasoning and freezing purposes. Himalayan salt slabs, trays and bowls have this amazing tendency to keep the food warm, subtle and cordial. These slabs(trays) can be used in freezing items.

Himalayan pink salt slabs are also used as a decorative piece of salt which impacts a creative outlook.

What is Himalayan salt wine glasses? 

The Himalayan salt wine glasses are made of pure and natural Himalayan pink salt that is used for drinking and serving wine in a luxury way. It is an exclusive way of drinking wine that is pretty famous among people these days! All you need to do is to fill your glass with wine, set a piece of lime on the glass’s edge, and drink your heart out!

These Himalayan salt wine glasses are very reasonably priced and dependable. Now is the right time to say goodbye to those usual  glasses made up of normal glass and welcome the Himalayan salt tequila shot glasses. These unique shot glasses are built in a way that they balance the flavor of tequila inside, hence enhancing its flavor.

If you are a huge fan of having wild shots, then you must try these Himalayan wine glasses or Himalayan salt glasses and you will be amazed to see how the flavor of the liquid inside enhances!

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We can provide any kind of Himalayan salt products worldwide in bulk quantity. Feel free to inquiry if you need any salt products in bulk quantity.