Salt Lick Cube for Animals

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Salt Lick Cube

Best Salt lick cube is available here at SM Salt. We provide the best animal licking polished salt cube. Our salt cube are mined purely from mountains of Himalayas.  Polished Salt Lick Cube blocks are made particularly to avoid any harshness so that the animals could lick them at ease. These animal-lick polished cube blocks boost productivity and growth in animals.

Why Salt Lick Cube?

SM (super mineral) salts provide the Best Himalayan Salt Lick Cube for Animals.

Like human’s animals also needs salt because nutrients and mineral supplement are equally important for animals as humans. Himalayan medicated salt blocks for cattle. is especially made for animals licking. Its 84+ minerals benefit their outrage. Animals and cattle including cows, buffaloes, horses, camels, sheep & farm pets require salt on everyday basis which works wonders for health like:

  1. Maintains osmotic pressure
  2. Maintains body fluid balance
  3. Maintains acid base balance
  4. Nerve transmission
  5. Active transport of amino acids.

Animals need salt because it is essentially comprised of sodium & chloride, but it also has other vital trace minerals as well like potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium. In the Himalayan pink salt block, there is a total of 84+ minerals. Animals licking Himalayan pink salt block produce high-quality milk production, lessen diseases, and remain fit and healthy. All of these minerals are extremely vital for the healthy growth of mammals and animals.


2.5 kg (5.5) lbs
5 kg (11) lbs
10 kg (22) lbs


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