Himalayan Rock Salt Lumps

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Himalayan Rock Salt Lumps

We provide best Himalayan rock salt lumps for your animal. Our salt lumps are 100% organic and no harmful chemical used. We can provide any kind of animal licking salts at bulk quantity.  We are the international supplier of Himalayan salt products.

Our Rock Salt Lumps product

SM Salt offers three types of large lumps blocks:

  1. Premium
  2. Medium
  3. low

packing 1ton commercial pack
Lump sizes 5 – 10 kg

All these types vary in cost. Lumps Salt of animal salt licks are worth your money because they last longer if it is used by a single animal at a time.
Mostly, farmers prefer the animal mineral lick rock salt blocks for their horses and other livestock worldwide. Also, we being the finest animal mineral lick rock salt manufacturer worldwide provide the best 100% natural salt blocks.
SM Salt is providing animal mineral lick rock salt in different weights, sizes, and shapes so you can easily give them to your farm animals. Additionally, we as well have huge packaging for bulk orders. Contact us now for the best quality animal mineral lick rock salt, quick delivery, and reasonable rates!

Get the best Himalayan Salt Lumps for your animal:

SM Salt being a well-known and reputable company worldwide, does not compromise on the quality of its product. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer 100% natural mineral lick rock salt for your animals at affordable rates.
These mineral lick rock salt blocks work as the best nutrient and supplement for every animal like cows, sheep, horses, goats, deer, camels  etc. Animals have a natural attraction to eat salt; hence, these large blocks provide all the essential minerals that result in their outstanding growth.

Bulk animal salt products available

We can provide any kind of animal licking salt or lump salt products at bulk quantity. Besides, our pricing is very competitive. We assure you 100% original products. Our order process is very simple! So why waiting click the inquiry button right now

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