Himalayan Salt Lamp Warning

Although the effectiveness of Himalayan salt lamps as air purifiers is debatable, they do look good on the bed. Because of the precautionary measures, there are cautions about Himalayan salt lamps, so use caution when using them. One possible risk is the ozone that air ionizers produce. High concentrations of this gas have the potential to be harmful.

  • irritation of the lungs and throat
  • Inhale deeply and experience scorching, agony, or discomfort.
  • symptoms of airborne illnesses characterized by dyspnoea
  • The symptoms of asthma are getting worse

Himalayan salt lamps seem to produce little to no ions; hence it seems doubtful that they are the origin of these symptoms of ozone poisoning. Usually, cats can reach shelves and tables where Himalayan salt lamps are stored.  

While it’s true that cats are more vulnerable to high salt levels than humans are, many people worry that their beloved pets may become poisoned if they lick the lamp. Consuming large amounts of salt makes people drink more water, which increases urine and gets rid of kidney stones, but it does not increase their risk of cancer or kidney issues.

Many promises, however, go beyond just how attractive these lamps are. They say they will help you sleep, lift your spirits, and purify your air, among many other things. Many health advantages may be obtained from Himalayan salt lamps, especially for those who have difficulty breathing or resting. A room’s lamp creates a soft, comforting glow that makes people feel at ease.

Himalayan salt lamp warning:

Himalayan salt lamps are renowned for their vivid pink hue, natural patterns, and many health benefits. Nowadays, one may find Himalayan salt lamps in practically every yoga class. These lightbulbs emit a subdued, pleasant light.

Commercial salt lamps have been around for a while. By no means are they brand-new goods. The majority of its advantages have not changed, despite changes in look and application.

In addition to many other things, Himalayan salt lamps can aid with allergies including asthma and respiratory problems.

The air we breathe is naturally purified by Himalayan salt, which works organically.
It creates a natural environment and illumination that is unmatched by other table lamps. They are also inexpensive and inexpensive, yet they have many benefits.

While there are some precautions to consider while using a Himalayan salt lamp in your home, there are also some warnings about them.

Hazard from electricity:

A fire might start if the wiring on electrical devices is defective or damaged, or if the salt lamp is operated improperly. An appropriate electrical wire is linked from your power outlet to the salt light. When handled incorrectly with the wrong cables and supplies, fire becomes a complicated concern.
A fire hazard might result from salt that freezes on an exposure light holder because it could damage the cable and lamp holder and cause a spark. This danger is negligible even with the cheapest salt lamps. If you’re worried, we don’t recommend setting your lamp on carpeting.


Natural salt lamps absorb water vapor, which might lead to the formation of water on their surface. Your light will evaporate the water if it is turned on. The water might, however, spill over the lamp’s base or the furniture underneath if your light isn’t heated enough.

If either surface is composed of metal, rust may develop. If the surface is made of wood, moisture may cause the wood to deteriorate or change color. However, there is no health risk associated with this kind of rust. Make sure that the lamp’s bulb isn’t in contact with the rock by checking again. The bulb should be gently placed into a rock hollow distant from the sides of the boulder to prevent condensation.

Pet safety risk:

Pets may die from Himalayan salt lamps because overindulgence in salt may harm both dogs and cats. Cats may be especially vulnerable because they can leap onto tables and bookcases to lick the lights. One or two sips might not hurt a cat, but frequent licking might result in salt toxicity.

The following symptoms of salt poisoning might be present if your cat has licked your salt lamp excessively:

  • Throwing up
  • The diarrhea
  • Tiredness
  • Attachments
  • Death

Make sure your dog or cat cannot reach your salt lamp to prevent accidental salt poisoning.

Caution for Young Children:

People who oppose salt lamps often caution small children against using them. These may get rather big and heavy at times. Additionally, if you wish to breathe a lot of filtered air, you’ll need them in long lengths. Little ones tend to topple objects.

Some nasty people commit the crime of picking on cables and wires. Overuse can cause its wires to gradually come free, endangering little toddlers with electrical shocks. Additionally, if their weight is applied to any part of your children’s body, it can be rather uncomfortable.

Moreover, the way the salt lamps are utilized is the issue here, not the salt lamps themselves. It is considerably better to use USB salt lamps or put them high if you live in a home with kids. We’ll take this warning down from high tables, bookcases, and other places where it could be out of reach.

Hefty salt lamp: 

In addition to being heavier than other LED bulbs, salt lamps can be harmful to people. They are also clearly asymmetrical due to their hand-hewn nature. If you push your salt lamp just a little bit, it can topple because of a topside heavy lamp or a badly carved base (too tiny, uneven, not securely attached, etc).

Double-checking that the salt lamp is firmly fixed to its base is a good idea because cheap lights might be manufactured shoddily and not fastened correctly.

Himalayan salt lamp warning

Benefits of Himalayan salt lamps:

Himalayan salt lamps are beneficial for a variety of reasons, including better sleep, cleaner air, reduced allergy symptoms, and much more. Himalayan salt lamps are said to offer health benefits in addition to being a lovely accent to your space. A salt lamp may be the solution for you if you want to cleanse the air, enhance your mood, or have better sleep.


The light that a salt lamp emits is primarily responsible for improving sleep quality. The light is diffused into a mellow glow that resembles a sunset and promotes relaxation due to the pink-red tint of the salt. Warm light is better for sleeping and relaxation than the blue light that technological devices emit.

Make the air ionized:

The main advantage that proponents of alternative medicine point out is that Himalayan salt lamps produce negative ions in the atmosphere. They draw water, which mixes with the salt and evaporates to produce negatively charged ions, changing the electrical charge of the surrounding air. Additionally, radiation, sunlight, and lightning have all been reported to induce it. According to some scientists, breathing negatively ionized air might offer advantages including improved air quality and higher oxygen intake.

Alleviate allergic reactions:

By cleansing the air, a salt lamp’s ionizing action is also supposed to help with allergy relief. A salt lamp is said to be able to capture germs, dust, and smells, making breathing easier and improving sleep quality.

Enhance mood:

There’s a strong likelihood that a salt lamp that may ionize the air will contribute to an improvement in your mood. A salt lamp in your bedroom can be just what you need to boost your mood and mental state, which can go a long way towards improving your sleep.

Interesting facts about Himalayan salt lamps:

Getting the air in your house clean:

The crystal lamps are commonly offered as air purifiers in addition to being home décor pieces. They encourage vigor and good health and are crafted from crystal rocks. These unique natural light fixtures are worth having in any house.

Mount Everest is situated in the Himalayan Mountains, which are also the source of the crystal rocks used in Himalayan rock salt lamps.

The history of Himalayan rock salt spans 200 million years:

These rocks are about 200 million years old and range in tint from dark brown to off-white, with the most common colors being pink and orange.

The calm, natural radiance reduces tension and anxiety:

Because salt impurities can produce slight color changes, the light that is generated can have a variety of colors. According to some research, warm light hues provide a calming environment that reduces tension and anxiety.

Because of where they are mined, the purest salt:

At the base of the mountains, in the sea, the rocks are formed. Salt rocks from that region of the world are among the finest in the world since it is yet developing.

Providing negative ions to offset the presence of positive ions:

Additionally, the negative ions released by Himalayan rock salt lamps balance out the positive ions coming from home electronics. The ions effectively get heavier, fall to the earth, and are inhaled.


Why is the salt coloring pink and orange?

Himalayan Pink Salt is naturally occurring in all forms and has a pinkish coloring because of the 84 minerals and trace elements it contains, unlike refined table salt, which is incredibly processed.

A Himalayan salt lamp: what is it?

Himalayan salt lamps, also known as salt lamps or crystal salt lamps, are made of solid salt crystals that have been hand-carved and hollowed out to accommodate a tiny, low-power lightbulb.

Why are you so benefitting from negative ions?

In some circumstances, humans inhale a lot of invisible, tasteless, and odorless chemicals called negative ions. Imagine beaches, waterfalls, and mountains. Negative ions enter our circulation and trigger physiological processes that raise serotonin levels, which improve mood, reduce stress, and promote vigor during the day.

Ought I always have my lamp on?

The advantages increase with the amount of time the light is on, however leaving it on unattended for the whole day is not advised. Simply remember to turn them on every time you go home.

Are they hot, like a regular lightbulb, to touch?

No, the lamp itself ought to be barely warm to the touch at all times. It is probably time to change the bulb in your lamp if it is too hot to handle and you are using the incorrect size. Use only 15-watt lights with the supplied electrical cables.