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History Of Rock Salt

In ancient times mines, mountains and oceans were a major part of an era. But soon the water began to soak and the ocean was completely dried with no water left, which lead them into the crystals. Soon people noticed that these crystals were salt. They taste the crystals and then the search began. After a lot of research, it was concluded that when the water which was soaked by the oceans and mountains turned into a crystal form which was a mesmerizing combination of pink, red and white color. Up till now, 84+ minerals are discovered and research is still going on. Hopefully, more minerals are to be discovered. And was soon declared the HIMALAYAN PINK SALT the word Himalayan was named due to the Himalayas of the mountains where this salt was first found. Pakistan proudly conquers the world's 2nd largest salt mine known as the khewra salt mine. Khewra salt mine is also known as mayo salt mine. This salt is considered the world's best salt because of its purities and organic products which lead to many benefits Nutrition Of Rock Salt: Himalayan pink salt contains 84+ minerals which eventually explains its benefits and healthy nutritional qualities. Any normal salt is composed of sodium and chloride with additive iodine mixed in it, which gives us an artificial taste whereas Himalayan pink salt is made up of 84+ minerals that are processed and refined to form an organic salt. This Himalayan pink salt comes in larger granules, which proves that these salts cannot be a grind or crushed like other normal salts. Hence Himalayan pink salt proves to be 99 percent pure. What Is Himalayan Rock Salt? Pink Himalayan rock salt is also known as halite salt. The term halite is a Greek word that means “SALT – the mineral form of salt”. The minerals are mostly transparent or white but, occasionally it is found in different colors like blue (dark and light), purple, red, pink, yellow, gray, or orange because of some other minerals present like calcium, manganese, iron, potassium, sulfate, and magnesium. The amount of color is reliant on how much the mineral is and what kind of mineral is present. WHERE DO WE GET BULK HIMALAYAN ROCK SALT SUPPLIERS NEAR ME? As the name recommends “Himalayan Rock Salt” is found in the heavy rocks around the world. The salt present in the rocks might be gathered because of the seawater evaporation or a saline lake. It is cautiously mined from the surface of salt deposits made by the water evaporation 250 million years ago. It is found in the Khewra mine which is located in Pakistan and is the second-largest salt mine in the world. This provides a pink rock salt a competitive benefit in the worldwide market. The Khewra mine was found by Alexander the Great when he visited India when his horses were found licking the salt blocks. This is when the Khewra mine was found by sick horses who recovered from this pink rock salt. HOW ROCK SALT IS MINED? Tunnels were present at the Khewra mines across twenty-five miles, trains were used to take laborers deep inside the mountains. There are seventeen levels at the mine where the standard temperature is sixty degrees Fahrenheit. The miner initially drills with the screw auger, then packed it with gun powder. Then security fuse is utilized for ignition, and then laborers leave the mine for half an hour and then they start loading the pink rock salt. Every year four hundred thousand tons of pink rock salt is mined from the Khewra mines. PINK ROCK SALT OF PAKISTAN OR HIMALAYAN SALT? The internationally famous Himalayan pink salt or the rock salt is Pakistan's pink rock salt mined at the Khewra mines. It is available in red, pink, white, and grey color, these colors are formed due to the presence of iron oxide in the salt. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ROCK SALT AND REGULAR SALT? 1) CONTROLS BP & HORMONAL IMBALANCES: Table salt contains more amount of sodium(Na) which causes high blood pressure and results in hormonal imbalances whereas Himalayan pink salt contains calcium, magnesium, and other 84+ natural minerals which enhances and embraces its benefits more than any other salts. 2) COLOURS: Table salt consists of white color whereas Himalayan pink salt is a mesmerizing mixture of pink, white and red color salt. 3) REFINED SALT: Table salt is chemically processed which can be toxic for our body whereas Himalayan pink salt goes under a processed and refined process to form a natural and organic salt (all natural) 4) PURITY: Table salt contains artificial iodine whereas Himalayan pink salt is rich in iodine because of its co-found of 84+ minerals which leads them to the purest quality salt. 5) WATER RETENTION: Daily dose of an excessive amount of table salt results in an increase in blood pressure and water retention whereas Himalayan pink salt regulates water retention. 6) HEALTH: Table salt leads to the problems such as kidney stones and gallbladders whereas Himalayan pink salt promotes kidney and gallbladder health. 7) DIABETES: Table salt can worsen diabetes whereas Himalayan pink salt helps regulate insulin levels in the body and generate a healthy circulation in the entire body. 8) ANTIAGING: table salt does not contain any other antioxidant properties whereas in Himalayan pink salt aging can be treated and walls of pink salts are made in spas and salons to prevent stress and release positive energy which leads to stress busters. 9) GRANULES: table salt is grinded and crushed whereas Himalayan pink salt has larger granules that cannot be crushed or ground which results in the purest form of salt. 10) STRENGTHS: Excessive use of table salt can cause muscle fatigue and pain in certain parts of our body whereas Himalayan pink salt on the other hand strengthens bones and prevent any muscle from cramps. Benefits of Himalayan pink salt: The benefits of Himalayan rock salt eventually give us an idea of harnessing it into our daily lives. 1) CURE: It helps to cure aches in the human body. It has 84 minerals which automatically leads to be considered the topmost option of all. 2) MINERALS: it normalizes the blood pressure because of the minerals like potassium (K) and magnesium (M) that helps to get the most out of the sodium (Na) your body needs! 3) *HEALTHY BODY: It flushes out the toxins from your body which translates into a healthy body. 4) BALANCES HORMONAL IMBALANCES: Hormones play a very important role in the human body. Daily use of Himalayan pink salt normalizes hormonal imbalances. 5) STRESS BUSTER THERAPY: Himalayan pink salt relaxation therapy is known as the stress buster therapy which is used in spas, and salons to provide an environment of peace and relaxation. 6) FLUIDS: It regulates blood sugar. A daily dose of Himalayan pink salt can ensure the proper flow of fluids in the body which can help in improving insulin sensitivity and specifically prevent any blood sugar spikes. 7) ASTHMA: Inhalers are made out of Himalayan pink salt. It is a very effective way to cure asthma. 8) ANTIAGING: anti-aging caused by stress is very common at an early stage. Himalayan pink salt has the benefits to cure anti-aging properties and results in a much healthier mind, body, and face. 9) CURESTONES: Himalayan pink salt also cures stones in the body as well as promotes kidney and gallbladder health. 10) ENERGY: Himalayan pink salt boosts energy, brain health, circulation, and metabolism. WHERE YOU CAN BUY ROCK SALT IN BULK? Even though rock salt differs in grain sizes, quantities, packaging, and kind are accessible in the market now. But you can purchase the most elite quality of rock salt, that maintains its organic benefits from SM SALT. You can as well purchase other rock salt items such as lamps, candle holders, home decor items, kitchenware, construction, industrial tiles, etc. BUY ROCK SALT IN BULK: SM (super mineral) salt is a world international brand that exports, manufactures, and supplies Himalayan pink salt products worldwide. Himalayan salt is the world's best salt and has an excellent source of ions which we have crafted so far more than 7000 different designs and styles of salt crystal products. Our products have been exported to more than 70 countries worldwide. We are Halal, ISO 9001:2015, 14001, 45001, 22000, HACCP, Kosher, FSSC 22000, BRC, Sedex, Registration, and Organic certified company. We focus on providing the best taste of Himalayan salt which is manufactured and crafted carefully at the lowest prices. We can offer you a customized and bulk amount of products and services in the light of your needs and requirements. We have complete control over the quality (pure) and delivery.
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