Animal Salt Lick (Natural Salt Licks)

Animal Salt Lick products are made from the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan. Animal salt licks are essential for your animal’s growth. It has numerous health benefits as well. Licking Salts keep your animal healthy and protect it from disease. We provide all kinds of animal-licking salt products in bulk at SM Salt. We are an international supplier of original Himalayan Salt Products. 

Animal Salt Lick

Our Animal Lick Salt Products

We provide 100% real Himalayan Lick Salt Products in bulk. Check out our Himalayan natural salt licks products.   

What Is A Salt Lick?

Salt Lick is a deposit of mineral salts used by animals to boost their nutrition while making sure that they get sufficient minerals in their diets is called a salt lick. A wide range of animals uses salt licks to get nutrients that are important for the body. Some of the important minerals present in Himalayan salt licks are magnesium, calcium, sodium, and zinc.

What Are Salt Licks For?

Salt licks are made for every animal in order to boost their immunity. Like humans animals also need salt to maintain the fluid level in the body to prevent health problems and remain healthy!

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For animals, consuming salt is a necessity for the functioning of the body. To exist, all animals need salt in their diet. Salt is present everywhere, be it tear, sweat, and blood which makes it an important element. So, it is pretty normal for all animals to crave salt to meet their requirement for sodium and calcium along with other minerals.

A Himalayan salt lick block is specially made for animals to lick. Its 84+ minerals benefit their outrage. Animals and cattle including cows, buffaloes, horses, camels, sheep & farm pets require salt on an everyday basis which works wonders for health like:

1) Maintains osmotic pressure
2) Maintains body fluid balance
3) Maintains acid-base balance
4) Nerve transmission
5) Active transport of amino acids.

Why Do Animals Like Salt Licks?

Animals like salt lick animal blocks because it helps them to maintain their diet and fulfill all their nutritional needs. Salt is vital for the healthy growth and development of all animals and mammals. So, how do you ensure they get the essential quantity of pink salt? You can add extra salt to the animals’ diet to support their development, growth, and as well milk yield.  

Himalayan salt lick animal blocks are extremely sensible and competent solutions as substitutes for natural salt intake. Furthermore, animal-feeding salt could be produced in grainy forms as well. Salt in granular forms for animal feeding is blended with animal feed to support their mineral intake and diet.
Animal salt lick blocks are usually hung above the ground to prevent dust and placed where animals can come and lick easily.

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What Animals Like Salt Licks?

Animals like horses, sheep, deer, cattle, goats, elephants, and other livestock like to lick salt blocks to obtain the minerals they need such as zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium.

What Animals Use Salt Licks?

Himalayan salt licks are made for every animal but are important for those animals that lack nutrition. Don’t consider salt only as a flavored ingredient! Himalayan salt is mostly considered as a seasoning or flavored salt, but it is very important for mineral intake! Himalayan salt licks animals are extremely vital for healthy and disease-free development!
For a properly functioning body, animals need salt for development. It aids animals to become resistant to diseases and achieve resistance!

Animal Salt Lick Products

We provide a large variety of Animal lick salt products to buy in bulk. Our Animal licking products includes:

Types of Lick Salt for Animals:

There are two types of animal lick salt:

1. Natural salt lick – Natural blocks are organic without any chemical additives. They give cattle and animals the proper amount of minerals that are required for healthy production and growth.

2. Artificial animal salt lick – This salt is made by mankind who keeps big deep holes in the soil and then places in the holes sea salt mixtures that are mixed with rain water and absorbed by soil which is eventually taken by animals.

Himalayan Natural Salt Licks:

Our Himalayan natural salt lick blocks will help your animal in the Production of milk, Better Muscle movement, Maintaining the heartbeat, strengthening the digestive system, Functioning of the nervous & immune systems, and weight gain.

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Why Purchase Animal Salt Licks Products From Us?

SM salt is a world international brand that exports, manufactures, and supplies animal mineral lick rock salt products worldwide. We focus on providing the best quality animal lick salt which is manufactured and crafted carefully. There are no chemicals used in the production of salts produced at our facilities, which is why our products are manufactured naturally and organic.

We serve a vast variety of animal lick rock salt and animal feeding blocks which work as a nutrient supplement for animals. Our animal lick salt comes in different forms i.e. compressed block, natural block, and polished cube block.

We serve businesses and industries like veterinary stores, dairy farmers, cattle farmers, livestock farmers, poultry farmers, horse farmers, and all other animal farmers.

You must trust us for your animal salt-licking needs and we will be a very smart choice because hygiene is considered the topmost priority in our industries. We love our customers & every customer is our pride.

At SM salt, we promote a culture of quality and brilliance that fosters the success of our organic animal mineral lick rock salt products while maintaining a hygienic environment, which inspires us to do our best possible. We are a fast-paced, reputed and growing animal mineral lick rock salt company.

So what you are waiting for? Contact us today for original Himalayan Pink Salt Products 

Natural Lick Salt Delivery:

SM SALT produces premium and high-quality animal-licking salt blocks for animals in both block and granular forms following hygiene rules strictly.

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