Sriracha Salt

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Sriracha Salt

Size: 0.25 – 0.50 Mesh
Packing: Shaker Jar , Standup Pouch , PP bags

Sriracha seasoning Edible salt:

There is no doubt that salt is one of the basic needs of humans.  Himalayan pink Badia sriracha salt is considered to be the best-known salt in the world because of its purity and 84+ minerals enriched properties mined from Himalayan mountains.

Many households are changing from normal table salt to Himalayan pink salt. SM salts introduces all form of edible salts which are rich in minerals, completely natural, non-refined with a unique taste. It comes in three beautiful colors (white, pink and red) Not only it is used in foods for flavors but helps in maintaining a balanced diet. For instance, the minerals present in Himalayan pink Badia sriracha salt stabilizes the circulation of blood and controls high blood pressure. We strongly recommend you to use Himalayan pink sriracha seasoning salt for the future safety and health community


This salt tastes like a ripened chili sauce which you can sprinkle this kicked off salt on foods like roasted chicken with lemon, eggs, veggies or popcorn. A slightly pinch of garlic is also added to spice up the flavor

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