Nest Salt Candle Holder

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Weight 1-2 kg

Nest Salt Candle Holder

Size: 1 – 2  kg


SM super mineral salts introduces you the best standard Himalayan pink salt candle holders which are deliberately custom-made from the purest source of Himalayan salt. It comes in three different colors pink, white and grey with different shapes and sizes. Their shapes include following categories. Natural, geometrical, crafted and iron stand Nest Himalayan Salt candle holder.

NEST Ocean Mist

Aim of candles was fabricated for a promising aura. Himalayan pink salt candle holders portray an outline of welcoming and best atmosphere between you and your visitants. Nest Salt Candle Holder are also worthy for any decorations which present a glorious atmosphere.

NEST Mini Himalayan Salt

When candle in Himalayan salt candle holder is enlightened it gives you the positive, peaceful, relaxing and restful ambiance keeping mind and nerves sooth NEST Ocean Mist.

It also gives a romantic and idealist atmosphere when enlightened in dark which makes everything look calmer and soother than ever NEST Mini Himalayan Salt. This Himalayan pink salt candle holder is a must have product in every household.