Cube Salt Lamp

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Weight 2-8 kg

Himalayan Cube Salt Lamp

Weight: 2 – 8 kg

Pink Cube Himalayan Salt Lamp HOME DECOR:

SM salts manufacturers an excellent and polished quality of HIMALAYAN PINK SALT LAMPS with fascinating warm colours and eminent crystals which can attract one’s eye. Pink Cube Himalayan Salt Lamp is essential and requisite for every household. Obsession towards electronic items have procure everyone’s attention and is a basic need of life to survive, but less we know that these electronic items produce such rays which are inferior and bad for our health, but Himalayan Salt Cube Salt Lamp emit positive energy which expunge all the negativity rays and bring peace and relaxation in the environment.

Himalayan Cube Salt Lamp is craft purely from mines of Himalayas that gives it a touch of elegance and sophistication. Fiery Pink Cube Himalayan Salt Lamp, reliefs negative particles, stable electron beam solar radiation, freshen air in the environment, could increase sleeping process, surge phases of serotonin in the mind, and soothe sensitivity