Black Salt Fine Grain

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Black Salt Fine Grain

Size: 0.25 – 0.50 Mesh
Packing: Jar, Shaker Jar, Standup pouch, PP bags
Weight: 200g – 50 kg

Edible salt:

There is no doubt that salt is one of the basic needs of humans. Black Himalayan salt lamp benefits is considered to be the best-known salt in the world because of its purity and 84+ minerals enriched properties mined from Himalayan mountains.


Black Salt Fine Grain is the purest form of rock salt mined from the mountains of Himalayas. Basically, it is pink in color but when this rock salt is mixed with KHAR it automatically changes its color from pink to purple and then black Himalayan salt lamp benefits. It tastes like a smack tang which is being added to different smacky sweets, soft fizzy drinks etc.  It is considered to be the cool form of spice which enhances the flavor of any dishes used in.

It is made up from Black Himalayan salt lamp benefits and is used in different cuisines and brings an extraordinary flavor to chicken, Fruits salads, fish and beef dishes. In Pakistan KALA NAMAK is also being used in yogurt

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