Bath Salt Soap

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Bath Salt Soap

Size: 3 x 2 x 1″
Weight 200g – 300g

SM (super mineral) salt builds and produces 100% natural health products such as foot and hand detoxer, skin massager stones, salt inhalers and salt pillows which are extremely beneficial according to their own perspectives.

The coziness of Himalayan salt stone makes the feet and hand sweaty which permits the salt to cleanse and disinfect all the toxins and cause minerals to pull inside the feet and hands.

It also helps in reducing the acidity problems, vanishes tiredness, all sort of aches and stress.

Bath Salt Soap also helps in exfoliating the skin as it is connected with salt by hand and feet.

These crystals like stones opens the door to energetic pathways, eliminate negative energies and improvising blood circulation in the body.

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