Natural Licking Salt

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Natural Licking Salt products

Sizes :
2.5 kg (5.5) lbs
5 kg (11) lbs
10 kg (22) lbs


SM (super mineral) salts provide the Best Himalayan salt block for licking of animals. Natural Licking Salt blocks are mined purely from mountains of Himalayas.

Like human’s animals also needs salt because nutrients and mineral supplement are equally important for animals as humans. Himalayan salt block is especially made for animals licking. Its 84+ minerals benefit their outrage. Animals and cattle including cows, buffaloes, horses, camels, sheep & farm pets require salt on everyday basis which works wonders for health.



These blocks have their own benefits.

* It calms and relaxes the mood, lessen down the stressful mind.

* It helps build up the immune system of animals.

* It helps animals evolve glassy and gleaming coats.

* Lowers the risk of fatigue.

* Increase in weight of animals.

* Increasing of capitulation of milk.

* Enlargement of feed intake & output.

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