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SM (super mineral) salts provide the Best Himalayan salt lick block for licking animals like deer salt lick, salt lick for horses, salt lick block for dogs, mineral block for goats, salt lick for cows, mineral licks for cows, rabbit mineral block, sheep lick blocks.
These deer salt lick, salt lick for horses, salt lick block for dogs, mineral block for goats, salt lick for cows, mineral licks for cows, rabbit mineral block, sheep lick blocks are mined purely from the mountains of the Himalayas.
Like human’s animals also needs salt because nutrients and mineral supplement are equally important for animals as humans. A Himalayan salt lick block is specially made for animals licking. Its 84+ minerals benefit their outrage. Animals and cattle including cows, buffaloes, horses, camels, sheep & farm pets require salt on an everyday basis which works wonders for health like:
1) Maintains osmotic pressure
2) Maintains body fluid balance
3) Maintains acid-base balance
4) Nerve transmission
5) Active transport of amino acids.


Salt (NaCl) is a chemical element. And why do animals need Himalayan Pink Salt? It is because salt essentially comprises sodium & chloride, but it also has other vital trace minerals as well like potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium. In the Himalayan pink salt block, there are a total of 84+ minerals. Animals licking Himalayan pink salt block produces high-quality milk production, lessens diseases, and remains fit and healthy. All of these minerals are extremely vital for the healthy growth of mammals and animals.
For example: Sodium balances the pH levels in the blood. Chlorine balances the acid levels in the body and helps indigestion.
Also, one of the trace minerals, calcium CA in salt is important for firm and strong bone and teeth growth in nursing calves and lactating cows. It as well as other vital functions like:
● Production of milk
● Movement of Muscle
● Maintaining heartbeat
● Clotting of Blood
● Functioning of the nervous system


* Muscle cramps
* Rough cough
*Decreasing the intake of feeding and production
*Animals having salt deficiency for a long period especially cows can collapse & lead to death


These blocks have their benefits.
* It calms and relaxes the mood, lessens down the stressful mind
* It helps build up the immune system of animals
* It helps animals evolve glassy and gleaming coats
* Lowers the risk of fatigue
* Increase in weight of animals
* Increasing capitulation of milk
* Enlargement of feed intake & output


Why do animals need to lick salt blocks? Salt is vital for the healthy growth and development of all animals and mammals. So, how do you ensure they get the essential quantity of pink salt? You can add extra salt to the animals’ diet to support their development, growth, and as well milk yield.
Himalayan Licking blocks are extremely sensible and competent solutions as substitutes for natural salt intake. Furthermore, animal feeding salt could be produced in grainy forms as well. Salt in granular forms for animal feeding is blended with animal feed to support their mineral intake and diet.
Licking blocks are usually hung above the ground to prevent dust and placed where animals can come and lick easily.

The Top Best Quality Animal Licking Himalayan Pink Salt

Now that you know the answer to, “why do animals need Himalayan pink salt blocks?” and since you can’t take them to purely occurring salt licking blocks, you must look for the top best quality animal licking salts. Fortunately, you don’t need to look more.
SM SALT's biggest salt exporter produces premium and high-quality animal licking Himalayan pink salt blocks in both block and granular forms following hygiene rules strictly. Our sources come from one of the nation’s biggest natural salt mines.


SM (super mineral) salt is a world international brand that exports, manufactures, and supplies Himalayan pink salt products worldwide. We are Halal, ISO 9001:2015, 14001, 45001, 22000, HACCP, Kosher, FSSC 22000, BRC, Sedex, Registration, and Organic certified company. Do you own a farm but don’t know how to take good care of your farming animals? How to boost their health? How to increase milk production in them? Don’t worry SM salt has got your back covered. We being the best Himalayan animal salt lick supplier offers you the finest quality of salt block. We produce the best quality animal licking salt block while taking care of the hygiene and health of your animals. So if you are looking for reliable and expert Himalayan salt lick wholesale block manufacturers, we are your go-to. Order cattle salt licks for sale now. SM SALT - pink Himalayan salt lick wholesale manufacturers focus on providing the best quality of Himalayan animal licking salt blocks which are manufactured and crafted carefully at reasonable prices. We include a vast variety of pink Himalayan animal licking salt blocks including compressed cube salt blocks, natural licking salt blocks, polished cube licking salt blocks, compressed round salt blocks, etc.
We can offer you customised animal salt licking blocks products and services in the light of your needs and requirements. We have complete control over the quality (pure) and delivery.
SM salt greatly focuses on the satisfaction of our customers and would be a very smart choice all because:
There are no chemicals used in the production of salts produced at our facilities, which is why our products are manufactured naturally and organic. Hygiene is considered the topmost priority in our industries. Order animal licking salt block now or get a free quote.

Compressed Cube Salt Block

Compressed Cube Salt Block

Natural Licking Salt

Natural Licking Salt

Polished Cube Licking Salt

Polished Cube Licking Salt

Compressed Round Salt Block

Compressed Round Salt Block

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