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SM (super mineral) salt builds and produces 100% natural health products such as foot and hand detoxer, skin massager stones, salt inhalers and salt pillows which are extremely beneficial according to their own perspectives.


SM salt Himalayan salt healing pillow are ideal for every household, spas, massage centres and other health facilities. Any therapy you go through is completed while you're awake but what about the therapy you can have while sleeping? Sounds tremendous! SM salt manufactures the best quality Himalayan salt healing pillows which you can use while sleeping. Inside these pillows there are organically mined Himalayan salt crystals present which can be used in two ways, either hot or cold depending upon your condition. For using hot salt pillow microwave it for 5 mins and apply over your ached areas and for swelling, soreness, itchiness, redness keeps the pillow in freezer and then apply over the swelled areas. These pillows are also being used on children.
Our Himalayan salt pillows is produced with a natural pure cotton fabric which is replaceable and washable too. They are ideal for homes and any trips.


SM super mineral salts brings you the best manufactured product of Himalayan salt which is INHALER. Himalayan salt inhaler therapy is known as HALO THERAPY which means it is free from any toxins, dirt and drug free methods. Inhalers are used by asthma patients or any person facing other respiratory ailments. Himalayan salt inhalers consist of 84+ minerals can disinfect and cleanse your whole respiratory system issues and provide comfort during breathing.
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