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Any Questions?

Do we offer distribution ship?
Yes, we offer distribution ship. For that we would require your complete documentations which includes company name, sales revenue, import license for more details contact us on
Do we make logos and packaging for your brand?
Yes, we make logos and packaging for your brand with terms and conditions applied.
Does Himalayan salt lamp melts?
No it does not; hence Himalayan salt lamp absorbs all the humidity and pollution from the atmosphere for which the lamp releases water consist of humidity which was absorbed before.
Does Himalayan kitchen ware products help in preventing food poisoning?
Himalayan cooking slab and bowls are enriched with 84+ minerals. These minerals are very much essential and benefits human health in every way be it preventing from food poisoning or curing allergies.
Does Himalayan salt lamps treat asthma, anxiety and stress?
Yes, it does treat asthma, anxiety and stress making the person feel calm, soothe and relaxed by increasing blood flow, improves mood, increasing energy levels, improves breathing and boosts serotonin levels as well.
Does Himalayan edible salt helps in maintaining blood pressure, PH balance, cholesterol and diabetes?
Our Himalayan edible salt is enriched with minerals that are vital for your body and work wonders in maintaining the blood pressure, PH balance, cholesterol as well as diabetes.
Does Himalayan bath salt and scrub cures any skin problems?
Himalayan bath salt and scrub helps draw toxins out of your body which treats inflammation, acne, allergies, scars, dry and rough skin leaving skin smooth, silky and toxins free.
What is the least quantity you can order?
Least order quantity is not fixed but you can order LCL container by selecting various products such as Himalayan salt lamps, Himalayan edible salt, Candle holder, Cooking salt items, Salt inhalers, Detox stone for massage and a lot more.
Do we export the product sample?
Yes, we do all around the world! Kindly email us your need through your official email ID at terms and conditions applied!
What details I need to share to get any product sample?
Email us with the following details to order your sample products: Company name, Your name, Designation, Contact number of landline/ mobile phone with your country’s business postal address and zip code.
How I am able to know whether my samples are dispatched or not?
We will share the DHL-tracking code to check your sampling status.
What are the shipment terms?
We take orders on 50% advance and the rest would be paid at the time of conceding bill of the lading copy. Rates are negotiable FOB Karachi port or CNF to the closest seaport of client sites
What are the details and documentation I will be required to share with company to confirm my order?
Kindly share your purchase order through SKU info, bank details for wire transfer of 50% advance, custom-made packaging, labeling and product of the brand requirement/instruction (if incase) Destination port info with landing date, official shipping line detail (if incase), other sort of special needs and requirements!
What I need to do before shipment and get ready for the arrival?
You must transfer remaining 50% due payment once you get confirmation from a sailing cargo.
What is destination port (DP)?
To begin your order, we require 50% Advance payment against buying order PO and remaining 50% due payment would be wire-transfer once you obtain confirmation on the vessel cargo from the seaport (Karachi port) hence the 100% imbursement should be built prior 15 working days landing the vessel at DP. Incase of late payment ETA( Estimated Time Arrival) objects fumes will be borne through purchaser/notify party. Note that the bank is considered as a consignee party and a purchaser is said to be the notify party. Once the notify party (purchaser/importer) is informed through the consignee about vessel sailing and making due payments, then the danger and reward of claiming the provisions would be transferred to notify the party as per normal rules and regulations. Underneath are the relevant document you would receive after transferring due/remaining finances regarding to PO: Commercial invoice Packing list Master bill of lading Certificate of origin Certificate of fumigation FDA-USA Certificate HACCP ISO2010 PCISR Product scrutiny report Certificate of PMDC
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