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SM super mineral salts bring you the most beautiful and beneficial construction Himalayan salt tiles for walls which can add ravishing and alluring value to your spa, offices, homes, and other health and beauty facilities.
* Himalayan salt bricks and block
* Himalayan salt stone wall
* Himalayan salt tiles for walls natural and square


The use of Himalayan salt for the construction of salt walls is one of the deluxe wellness trends, thanks to the plethora of health advantages it has to provide. Because of the pure nature of this salt, without any preservatives or precise distillation procedures, it reaches you in its organic and purest form after being extorted from its natural reserves! This Himalayan salt wall construction is found exclusively in nature as old sea deposits in the mines of salt in Pakistan!
The Himalayan salt wall construction rooms are made in spas and health centers to give treatments like Halotherapy! Halotherapy is also known as salt therapy, which is an old concept that has proven to be advantageous for a variety of situations, particularly for respiratory ailments. Himalayan salt tiles for walls can given an effect as same as Halotherapy and release negative ions that can have numerous health advantages!


Himalayan pink salt tiles & bricks are used in home decor, spas, beauty centers, and other health care facilities.
The Himalayan pink salt tiles and bricks are ideal for kitchen tiles, walls, counters. Spas are amazingly renovated with Himalayan salt bricks. The concept of Himalayan salt wall construction is becoming popular as people as getting aware of the benefits of these salts.
Now a day many people face respiratory problems due to extraordinary pollution, lack of tress for oxygenation. Himalayan salt has 84+ minerals traces which can also heal respiratory problems. Now a day’s spas and beauty salons are constructed with Himalayan salt bricks keeping the condition and health of people in mind.
These items are 100% naturally carved. Design and sizes can be made on customization's. We take orders in bulk quantity.


Speleotherapy is meant to be placed in a room or place with the presence of salt block crystal and to breathe the ionized air! Speleotherapy is an amazing healing measure in the treatment of chronic disruptive airways illness and as a substitute treatment for asthma!
It is used extensively in Eastern Europe; including Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Armenia, as well as in Asian countries; especially South Korea as a natural health alternative for respiratory conditions, immune system dysfunction, and illnesses. Although rarely practiced in the U.S. and Ontario, a lot of analysts, posh health spas, and hospitals around the country increasingly identify the advantages of Speleotherapy.
Pelotherapy, a process that involves using the health-enhancing effect of salt mines or caves to ease asthma, is an old and yet popular alternative therapy.
The optimistic impact of the cave atmosphere generally and salt’s particular effect on human health has been known since old times. Early on, a lot of individuals observed that injured animals escaped to caves, where they cured their injuries or stings. People investigated this phenomenon and a new branch of medicine called Pelotherapy began. (“speleo” is Greek for cave). One research describes a course of treatment that was five hours a day for 6 to 8 weeks; the hundred asthma patients reported progress, which lasted six months to seven years (Sokolowski, 1965).
During the wars in the 1940s, many villagers hid from their enemies in salt-laden caves and mines for weeks. They found out that coughs, stuffy noses, and other breathing diseases were lessened.
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